Summary Data

Course Reference Number: 36914
Term: Summer 2014
Delivery Method: Online
Section Scheduling: Semester-Based
Dates: Jun 16, 2014–Aug 7, 2014
Schedule Type: Online
Credit Option: Credit
Hours: 4 hrs

RUSS 101 A: First-Year Russian I

Course Description

Oral-aural practice and elements of grammar, reading, and writing. For students who have no credit in Russian.

Special Instructions

This section is for degree and non-degree(OCE) students.


  • Mitrevski, George G

Staff Contacts


  • UIUC degree students: Please visit to view and register for this course; consult your time ticket for when you may register for the Summer 2014 term.
  • Nondegree students (students not admitted to a UIUC degree program): Please visit OCE's Online Registration system to register.

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