CITL handles registration for academic courses as well as for professional development events like conferences.

Registering for Courses

Before you register for a course, you need to have answers to the following questions
  • What type of course are you registering for?
  • What student category do you fit into?

Types of Courses

As a student, you may register in courses as part of a degree program or as a standalone course. In either case you will register in one of the following types of courses: Self-paced or semester-based. Or, you may register in a non-credit course purely for personal enrichment. Learn more about these types of courses.

Each of these types of courses have slightly different registration policies and processes associated with them so, before you register, be aware of all the policies associated with that particular type of course.

Student Categories

  • Degree-seeking students: These are University of Illinois students at the Urbana-Champaign campus who have been accepted into a degree program. Transfer students are treated as degree-seeking students as they have usually been newly accepted in a degree program on this campus and are transferring from another institution to complete a degree. Potential transfer students (those who have not yet been accepted into a degree program, but are considering a transfer) should consider themselves nondegree students until they are accepted (at which point they will become degree-seeking students).
  • Nondegree students: These are students are not currently admitted in a degree program on this campus. Enrollment is open to off-campus students—select high school students, graduate and undergraduate students enrolled at other colleges and universities, alumni, former University of Illinois students who have not completed a degree, and individuals studying on their own. University of Illinois students at the Chicago and Springfield campuses are considered nondegree students.
  • Noncredit students: Noncredit students enroll in noncredit courses for their own personal or professional enrichment. They do not have to be admitted to a degree program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Note that all types of students register for self-paced courses in exactly the same way; however, students registering in semester-based courses will follow different processes depending on what student category they fit into.

Registering for Conferences

You may not be interested in registering for courses at all, but may instead be interested in one of the many conferences we host and plan. Registration for conferences is handled on individual conference websites; please visit our calendar to see upcoming events for which you may want to register.

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