Programs and Courses

Many University of Illinois colleges and academic departments offer online and off-campus degree programs and courses through CITL. The courses offered are both self-paced (open enrollment courses) and semester-based courses, which are more structured. The audiences for these programs include adult, part-time students in various fields (teacher education, administration, human resources, engineering, library science, media training, social work, crop sciences, animal sciences, food science and human nutrition, urban and rural horticulture/design, natural resources and environmental sciences, and, recreation, sport, and tourism), along with high school and traditional college students.

Several professional development offerings, including noncredit courses and conferences are also available through us. Credit offerings enable participants to fulfill state and professional certification requirements, expand knowledge, enhance skills, and improve performance. Our noncredit offerings enable interested parties to sign up for courses purely for personal enrichment, or to network with colleagues at events that are specific to a particular profession.

Our online offerings also help veterans and other members of the military who are seeking to pursue their educations either while serving their country or are preparing to return home to build new careers.

About Us

  • Our MissionTo work with faculty and units to extend the reach of the University of Illinois.
  • ExperiencesTestimonials from students who’ve taken our courses and faculty who’ve worked with us.
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Conferences & Events

  • Interact with your peers at one of our upcoming professional development events or participate in lifelong learning activities with Road Scholar.


  • Digital MediaVideo and audio production in partnership with ATLAS.
  • FacilitiesAccess to off-campus teaching facilities and conference facilities.
  • Instructional DesignDesign and creation of effective online courses.